Monday, January 10, 2011

A Rough Day

Today was a bit of a rough day.  With it raining outside, all I wanted to do was to curl up with a good book and take a nap.  However, I had to work.  So, I am now noticing that when I want to sleep, I am finding myself munching.  Luckily, I ate some of the things in my lunch box, like 1/2 of my granola mix, and my apple.  I also ate my Lean Cuisine meal at lunch.  I did not hit the snack machine nor that coke machine!  I was so proud of myself!  I also had 2 pieces of Trident Layers gum to help with some of the munchies.  I still want to gp to sleep, but I know as soon as I lay down, I will be wide awake.

Over the weekend, when I went to the movie with my sister, she gave me a piece of Dove candy with a message inside.  I wanted to share this with you.  I really like the message and it has stayed with me... "Spending Time is a greater gift than Spending Money."  That really makes my time with family seem all that more special to me.  It is a great message to recieve and to practice.

Have a great day everyone!!

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  1. That quote confirms the reason I became a SAHM...I thought my time was worth more than my full-time salary.