Monday, January 3, 2011

It's Here!

A couple of weeks ago I checked out "Love Your Life! O's Handbook for Your Best Today - and Tomorrow." I started reading it and there were a few things in there that I wanted to keep.  So I got on to the Barnes & Noble website and bought it used.  Got it for about half the price as new.  Good enough for me...

Well, I took my sister's advice.  After eating my dinner I brushed my teeth really good so I wouldn't want to eat anymore tonight.  Also, I had my dinner finished and dishes washed by 7:00 so I won't want to mess up my kitchen.  I took my lunch today so I could control what I ate.  I had three and a half servings of fruit today (strawberries, blackberries, a banana and half a pear) along with my turkey sandwich.  My only extravangance today was the small piece of birthday cake. Thanks Pam!!!

I feel pretty good today.  When I got the morning munchies I ate my half a pear.  I may have to take something for an afternoon snack since that was when I had the piece of cake. I also bought some sugar free gum to take to work, but I left it at home this morning.  Hopefully I will remember it tomorrow.


  1. So I will be anxious to see your new book the next time we get together!! Glad for you to get it!! Here's a quote I found tonight and thought I would share: "Keep a green tree in your heart and perhaps a singing bird will come." I could see that one being used for a great "cheer up" kind of card. Add in a stamped bird and branch too.

  2. That sounds great! I have just the person to give that to. Thanks for the card inspiration. I think you would like this book. I have trouble putting it down.