Saturday, January 1, 2011


Hey everyone, this is my first attempt at a blog so please forgive me if it is a bit chaotic!  It will probably be a lot like my mind, pretty scattered!  I'm hoping to use this site to help me put my life and the chaos I feel as though I live in, into perspective by finding peace within. It's time for me to start putting myself first instead of everyone else first and not finding time for me.

I will also be using this blog for my weight loss journey.  Right now I am way heavier than I would like to be.  I know the weight didn't come on overnight and it will be a rough haul to get it off, but with a little help and encouragement, I should be able to get some of the weight off.  I will just shoot for 5 pound increments.  By my setting realistic goals, I should be able to accomplish this.  I am not looking to be model thin in 3 months, but to at least be 15 pounds lighter wll be fine with me. So here goes!   Wish me luck!  Better yet, pass along words of encouragement!

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