Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Hey All!!

Today was a so so day.  It started out with the best of intentions, but at lunch, Pam pulled out the chocolate. Needless to say I had a few pieces along with my lunch.  Not the right thing to do, but...  At least when I got the munchies later in the day, I ate my 1 serving of peanuts that I had in my lunch box.  I had bought a bag of roasted unsalted peanuts over the weekend and I am limiting myself to one serving a day which equates out to about 11 peanuts a day(peanuts are still in the shell). I think I'll just have a salad tonight for dinner light on the dressing.  The dressing really is not a big thing for me, unless I am eating a ceasar salad. then I want the dressing on the side so I can dip my lettuce into it. I'll probably put my cut up fruit in the salad so I won't need any dressing. I know, it sounds crazy, but it is so yummy! 

Well, I had better close for now so that I can eat my salad before it gets too late.  Have a great day tomorrow!!

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  1. O.K., so from what I've read, make your chocolate choices be dark chocolate and your nut choices be almonds or walnuts...that way you don't have to feel guilty about them!! Kudos for portioning out your servings!!!