Sunday, January 16, 2011

I'm back!

Hey, it was really a rough week last week, but I think I may have it turned around...  I was able to lose 1/2 pound for the week.  See, told you it was a rough week.  I didn't eat much yesterday, but last week was like I couldn't get enough to eat.  I guess it was because my mind thought I was depriving myself of food.   Usually, I want to eat more when I'm home but with yesterday being Saturday, I really didn't eat much.

Does anyone know where I can get some turkey sausage patties that are bun size?  I can only find the ones that are silver dollar size.  With the bun size, I can make a scrambled egg, cheese and sausage breakfast sandwich on a Pepperidge Farm deli flat bun and have a filling breakfast that will hold me over until lunch time (around 1:30).  My problem is, I cannot seem to find the bun size sausage patties.  I am currently using 2 of the small turkey sausages and having to cut them up. With this "filling" breakfast, I am not "looking" for something to snack on before lunch.  Therefore, I am not sabotaging myself.

This week should be a better week.  I have started walking my dogs  again (yes, even on these frigid nights here) for at least 15 minutes a day.  On the weekends, I can take them for longer and more frequent walks during the day.  It gives them a chance to go out for a walk and for me, much needed movement...

Keep your fingers crossed that I do better this week.  I am sure that I will.  My goal is to lose 2 pounds this week.


  1. I don't do turkey sausage but I do like the Morningstar Farms Veggie Sausages - maple flavored are the best!! I toast a 100 calorie bagel, throw on some Smart Butter, Polaner All Fruit Spread and a warm sausage patty and it makes a delicious breakfast!! The sausage patties are so yummy and only take 45 seconds to heat in the microwave.

    What about working on your Wii Fit at night? I remember the girls telling me you had that program.

    We have been sweating it up at Jazzercise but I have a hard time controlling my mid-afternoon "treat" cravings. Argh!! My goal is to just not bring into the house - if it's not here I won't eat it!!

  2. I have the Morningstar sausages as well, but the ones I have are the silver dollar size. I am looking for the one that is more a bun size to make a good,low cal sandwich with.

    I am trying to work out with the Wii and take the dogs out for a walk, but sometimes, it's like I build up an appetite. I really think it is just boredom nighttime eating.

    I have gotten a whole lot better at work after fixing these breakfast sandwiches in the morning. They definitely hold me over til lunch and the thought of food before 1:00 is just yuck! Thanks for the suggestions of the Morningstar Sausages though...