Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Wakeup call!

OK. I knew I didn't do all that great last week, food wise.  I didn't track and I ate what I wanted.  It definitely showed up on the scales!  I went up to 215.5 here.  Then I went to a new doctor for a new patient visit.  The scales there said I weighed 218.8!  UGGGGG!  Then the rest of the torture was visited upon me, my blood pressure was taken.  182/96!  About 20 minutes later the doctor came in and went over the vitals, saw the blood pressure and took it again.  160/94, down, but not by much.  We discussed my medications and surgery lists.  She has ordered blood work, which was a given.  I have an appt for Thursday this week to have that done. 

I asked her what I could do to lose this weight.  I am not having any luck on my own.   She said she wants to see the results of the blood work first and then we can come up with a game plan.  My follow up appt with her is 2/9.  We shall see what happens then.  In the meantime, I will be tracking ALL the foods I eat so that I will have a better record to give her so she can see what all I need to change and just how bad of shape I am in...

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