Saturday, January 7, 2012

OK then...

Here it is, day 7. I have been writing down what I am eating.  A bunch of junk last night and today.  I have been walking at work and at home. Put my jeans on today and had to lay on the bed to button and zip them up. NOT GOOD! I guess Weight Watchers will have another participant next week once I find a location to go to that is convenient to me between work and home.  I really don't want to come home and then go back out. I may do the Saturday morning session to get the full benefit, but I have to start on Thursdays for now until I get through my starter sessions.  I just have to make sure I have the money each month to pay for it.

When I go to the doctor on the 23rd, I am going to see if  I can be referred to a nutritionist or a dietitian to help with my diet and to give me some ideas of substitute foods for what I crave. That could help with the weight loss.

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