Wednesday, February 1, 2012

New Month! New Me!

Today is Feb 1, 2012. I just got off the scales here at home. I now weigh 212.0.  Down, but not by much.  Monday when I weighed myself, it was 211.5.  I do know that eating that late dinner last night did not help.  I did not get home until 7:30, took Tooey for his walk then was eating dinner at 8:30. Not good. 

This week I have been fighting with my allergies to this lovely pollen we have here so early in the year.  I understand that it is needed to make the trees, flowers, and grasses grow, but DANG  it doesn't need to make me sick!  Here I am trying to get ready for a lovely trip and I cannot even stay well because of the pollen!  Oh well...  I'll suck it up and continue on as usual. 

Friday, at work, we will be starting our own Biggest Loser weigh in.  I have signed up for that.  It is $20 initial sign up fee and $1 per pound gained and $1 per week if the weight does not go down.   The winner at the end of April will receive 60% of the pot, 2nd place will receive 30% of the pot and third place will receive 10% of the pot.  Maybe that will help to keep my incentive going to get this weight off.  Heck, I would be happy with third place, even though I am shooting for first place!

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