Sunday, February 6, 2011

Another week!

Well, I've done a bit better this week.  I took my sister's suggestion and bought a 6 pack box of the 100 calorie Oreos.  I am going to try this in place of the regular Oreos.  Right now, Oreos are what I am hooked on. 

I did weigh in and I lost an additional 2 pounds this week!!  I have been working out a little bit to the Biggest Loser workout on the Wii.  It's fun, but it also kicks your butt!  I am trying to make this more of a daily routine with Tuesdays and Fridays off.  Tuesday nights I usually have my grandson and Friday nights my friend and I get together. 

My sister told me about a weight loss site that is free to use.  It is  I am also going to try this site AFTER the Superbowl tonight... Go STEELERS!!!! 

Yesterday I went over to a friend's home and put together some Valentine's Day cards. I thought they turned out pretty cute.  Now all I have to do is get the message inside completed and send them off!  Woo Hoo!! Another New Year's Resolution complete.   Now...  What to get my niece for her birthday next month...  Any suggestions?  She'll be 11.  OMG!   A Tweenager!!  Yikes!!!

Not much else going on in my ho hum life.

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