Sunday, February 13, 2011

Yard Work

I have this one "bush" in the backyard that every year I tackle to try to make some sense of it.  I don't want to completely remove it, but I want to be able to walk under it without getting poked in the eye.  Well, I think I have accomplished that feat this year (so far)! 

It is supposed to be a bush, but by the time I moved in back in 2001, it had become a tree.  It's a good shady spot for the dogs during the day, but a bear to cut under since there are sticky vines all through it. Well, not anymore!   I only have hand tools for trimming so out came the pruning shears for the smaller branches and vines, the loppers for the bigger branches and the hand saw for the large branches.

After the branches were cut down, I ended up with 2 garbage cans full of branches and a big pile of branches by the roadside.  Then I had to figure out how to get the sticky vines out to the road without getting all cut up.  Well, I pulled out an old shower curtain and raked the vines and dead smaller limbs on it.  Then I started to drag it across the yard.  Well, I got halfway before everything was off the curtain. So...  out came the string and scissors!  I laid two long pieces of string on the shower curtain and raked everything back on to it.  Then I tied it all up and was able to drag it across the yard and to the road without losing anymore of the vines or limbs that were tied up in it.

That took three and a half hours to complete.  That should count for a good amount of calories burned today!! I hope the garbage men appreciate how I tried to make it a little easier to maneuver that pile.  

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