Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Hey All!

Thought I would drop a note or two to update my post.  Not a whole lot going on at this time. Just trying to get my Australia book put together and look into what all I need to do for school.  I have just 7 classes to go to complete my AA and then try to figure out what I really want to be.  Even at 46, I am still undecided what to do.  I enjoy working with my hands and working with animals.  Yet I am in an office all day.  I guess one of the things I could do would be to volunteer at the wildlife center on Morse Avenue.  That would be a place to go to do something different.  I know that I cannot get my Veterinary degree since I wouldn't make it through school.  If it has taken me 10 years to get my AA, imagine how long it would take me to get my Vet degree!

Just a nice little picture to leave you with...

                                                               How curious...

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