Thursday, May 19, 2011

It's been a month!

As you can see, I met someone while in Australia!   My sister calls the koala my hairy boyfriend!  He was funny.  I was talking to him and when I stopped, his little mouth started moving. Then he would stop and I would say something.  Then his little mouth moved again.  The folks from the group were laughing and told me later that when I stopped talking, it looked as though he started talking, as if we were having a conversation!  What a hoot!!  He just looked sleepy with everyone else, but even in this picture his mouth is open and so are his eyes!

Well, it's been a month since I've come home from Australia.  I still can't seem to find the cookbook I saw over there (that I should have bought) called The Cookbook, Junior Masterchef Australia Vol 1.  It had a lot of the recipes of the foods that we ate either at the hotels or out on the town.  They were absolutely delicious!  One of the ladies on the trip bought the book at the airport in Cairns and I had a chance to buy it in Sydney, but passed up the opportunity.  Silly, silly me....

I am also still getting pictures developed.  I took sooo many!  One of the guys in the group took close to 2000 pictures and put them on a website where we can order prints from.  They are beautiful pictures.  The only thing is though, some of them look "touched up."  I have the same pictures, but mine didn't turn out the same and I don't remember seeing those colors in the view.  I'm not knocking them because they are quite beautiful!

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